Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fear of Running

I think I'm officially scared of running. I'm hoping now that I've admitted it...I'll get over it because I realize this is ridiculous! Since I received clearance to start weight bearing on the hip I've been playing it safe. I went to see a running specialist and got a gait analysis; bought new shoes; have been working with a coach on a weight/core program to get myself prepared; and have a great 12 week running program to follow. Now that I've been told I'm actually able/safe to run...I'm freaking out.

Here is what went though my head on my run today:

"Do my shoes feel funny? Should I really be in a neutral shoe? Am I landing too hard? Is my hip flexor hurting, or just a little tight? Was releasing my illipsoas tendon bad for my running? Does my hip hurt or do I just think it feels funny? Am I running too slow? Will I ever run fast in my life? Was running always this hard? Oh no, what's that I feel in my left hip? Great, am I overcompensating? Maybe I should stop?"

See...I have issues. By the end of the run, I needed a drink to chill myself out!
Kidding, but really, hopefully this gets easier.


Caroline said...

Getting back into running is so hard! But I'm beyond excited that you're finally back at it, and know you will feel comfortable in your shoes very soon! Hugs

Noell Blevins said...

I know it's difficult. Just breathe. Follow your plan and things will come together just fine. How long ago was your illio psoas release done? How does it feel on a daily basis?

Rachel said...

I would be afraid too after what you've been through. Just take it slow and listen to your body. Congrats on being able to run again!

Jenny Pierce Paul said...

I am scared of running too. But it's just my laziness that fears it. ;) Ha!

Dieter said...

:) - I'm diagnosed with FAI after i had some serious pain in my left hip after half a marathon.

It's been six weeks since any serious running now and the pain is gone. Knowing that getting back to running is just causing more damage is scaring the hell out of me, but I'm not ready for surgery yet :)