Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fear of Running

I think I'm officially scared of running. I'm hoping now that I've admitted it...I'll get over it because I realize this is ridiculous! Since I received clearance to start weight bearing on the hip I've been playing it safe. I went to see a running specialist and got a gait analysis; bought new shoes; have been working with a coach on a weight/core program to get myself prepared; and have a great 12 week running program to follow. Now that I've been told I'm actually able/safe to run...I'm freaking out.

Here is what went though my head on my run today:

"Do my shoes feel funny? Should I really be in a neutral shoe? Am I landing too hard? Is my hip flexor hurting, or just a little tight? Was releasing my illipsoas tendon bad for my running? Does my hip hurt or do I just think it feels funny? Am I running too slow? Will I ever run fast in my life? Was running always this hard? Oh no, what's that I feel in my left hip? Great, am I overcompensating? Maybe I should stop?"

See...I have issues. By the end of the run, I needed a drink to chill myself out!
Kidding, but really, hopefully this gets easier.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Winter is finally over here in northeast Ohio (fingers crossed). My Ohio cycling class presented this certificate to me last week.

We had a few laughs (and I’m pretty sure there were some eye rolls) as we recounted my inexperience with cold temperatures and snow.

You see, the first time we had a major snowstorm in Ohio, I had parked my car outside our apartment complex. At the time, we didn’t own an ice scraper and I was late for my morning cycling class at 5:40 am. So, I created a makeshift scraper…my gym card and credit card (one in each hand scraping). It kind of worked, but I pretty much stuck my head out the window as I drove to the gym.

I also didn’t own boots at the time and I proceeded to track snow all over the cycling room (oops, I missed the giant closet where you are supposed to drop off all your wet clothing before you go in). Anyway, the looks on my classmates faces were priceless as I explained my trip over (no visibility), and asked for some driving in the snow tips. I was gifted with an ice scraper very soon after.

So, I guess you can say I came to Ohio completely oblivious to what it was like to survive a real winter. Pat and I had experienced cold and snow, but it was nothing compared to this.

So, now that I’m officially a “survivor” here are some things that I know to be true:

*It is possible to not see the sun for more than a month.
*Single-digit temperatures, a wind chill and the lake effect = paralyzing cold...I can’t explain in words.
*Something happens to my circulation when it gets really cold. This is after I took off my gloves….so not okay.

*What I thought was a winter jacket back in August, will no longer be considered a real winter jacket.
*The fashion scarves I owned in California are absolutely worthless to protect against Ohio cold.
*Uggs aren’t as waterproof as they seem
*In the winter, people really do leave their cars running while they go inside stores
*Don’t get your car washed when it’s below freezing…doors do freeze shut.
*Locks and screen doors also freeze shut, so do pipes and…well, the list goes on and on.
*It doesn’t matter how many layers you wear, riding your bike in 35 degrees is awful. Water and snot freezing cold. I did it once and that was enough.
*Crutches aren’t made for the snow (yes, this one is obvious but they really should make something for people that need them in snowy places).
*People really do hibernate in the winter.
*Lake Erie really does freeze at the surface (see below)

*Making a snowman is not nearly as much fun as it was when you were a kid. It takes forever.
*Making and throwing snowballs is just as fun (or more) as it was when you were a kid.
*There is something euphoric about making a snow angel as snowflakes fall on your face.

My favorite winter solutions…

*Using a hairdryer on my body and then in my bed to warm the sheets
*Irish Coffee, hot chocolate and red wine
*Heating pads
*SmartWool Socks
*North Face gloves
*The sauna at the gym
*Occasional trips back to San Diego to keep me sane
*Hanging ocean and sun photos all around the house

This winter was fun, funny and frustrating. I'm glad I got to experience it once. For those of you that do this every year…you are amazing.

Yes! Spring is in the air!