Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doing what needed to be done...

Well, still on crutches. So, with at least another week to go (pending another MRI next week), today I did what I really knew a few weeks ago that I had to do. I withdrew from my "A" race...Vineman 70.3. I'm bummed, but who wouldn't be? I'll still have a fun weekend in the wine country. I think I would have played the DNF card if I could bike by now...but I can't, so I'm out.

On that note, to make myself feel better, I did sign up for something else in the one sport I'm allowed to do. So this year, I'm making my big race a swim old times. You'll now find me at the five-mile Tour of Buoys on August 2 in La Jolla. I think I've convinced my swimmer friends (Nikee and Rachel) that it's a great idea as well.

I better start learning to handle the ocean without my wetsuit. I'm a little scared of the cold...okay a lot scared. The swim is no wetsuit and I'm a total cold wimp.

Time to toughen up.