Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cruises, Crutches and Chlorine....

CRUISING: Pat and I had a BLAST on our vacation. We spent a few days in Puerto Rico and then boarded the Caribbean Princess for a seven day cruise. We hit up the following: Aruba, Bonair, Grenada, Dominca, St. Thomas and St. John. It's hard to say which island was my favorite. They were all so different and each equally amazing. We had a blast tanning at the beaches, snorkeling, drinking, eating, relaxing and laughing (mostly at the people on the cruise who just may have been filming 50+ gone wild...I won't even go there). Anyway, it was a perfect trip and I posted just a few pictures below.

CRUTCHING: Yep, I'm still on the crutches. Four and a half weeks and it's looking like another three or so (pending my next MRI/Bone Scan there is some concern over the nerves in the head of my femur ). Anyway, I'm just taking it a few weeks at a time. It's taken a few weeks and some people putting things in perspective, but I've finally accepted that my triathlon season is over and have stopped having pity parties for myself (I was having a lot of them). I'll find some other ways to have fun this summer.

I do have some crutch crises and craziness that I need to share:

* I've fallen three times: once at the doctor's office, once at a client meeting (the rug had a bunch in it)and once after this photo was taken (should have realized cobblestone roads and crutches don't work well)

* I've had coffee end up on my clothes more times than I care to count (yay, Tide stain pen).

* I have burns on my sides, armpits and pain in my arms don't seems to be getting stronger though.

* On my trip, I crutched nearly two miles around Puerto Rico, ditched my crutches to see a waterfall that was uncrutchable (is that a word), and crutched on more than 10 beaches.

Plus, I've accomplished some really cool things:

* I can open doors with my crutches

* I can carry a tall Starbucks' cup while I crutch. How? I put the top of the cup under the handle of the crutch and put my thumb on the lid and little finger under the cup.

* I can dance on crutches...really...and I may be better on crutches than off!

CHLORINE: I'm clear to swim so I've been doing lots of that. I've also found a new love for aqua jogging. It's really fun! In addition to a rock star friend (and totally being there for me through all of this), my buddy Beth is my aqua jogging coach. She's the best. Last weekend, I learned all about form and effort and I'm using her tips to kick my butt aqua jogging a few days a week. This week I got myself a 10-session pass to SDSU since they have more pools, a jacuzzi, and lawn chairs for my tan...very important things.