Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 random things....

Well, I’ve been trying to figure out what to blog about in the off season. I owe thanks to Beth for tasking me to something. So here you go...25 random things about me. I’m tagging anyone reading this as well. However, most of you that read this are blog readers and not blog writers…still love ya though!

1) I hate that I sweat the small stuff.
2) I have a lot of acquaintances but just a handful of very close friends. I think you need both in life. Those that are my close friends seem to know me better than I know myself.
3) I’ve worked (in this order), as a lifeguard, a swim coach, at Jamba Juice, as a waitress, at a country radio station, a news station, for the San Diego Padres and for a PR and advertising agency.
4) My boss has been sick this year and I’ve been given a lot of responsibility at work. This scares me. Every day I have to make decisions and I have no idea if they are the right ones.
5) I’m working on my technical writing certification but I have no idea if it’s what I want to do.
6) I believe myself to be stubborn, indecisive, impatient and overly sensitive at times. I believe in miracles, forgiveness, choices, loyalty and hard work.
7) I have an addictive personality. For me, my addiction is exercise. Sometimes I even feel off if I only do it once a day. I realize this isn’t normal but of the list of addictions it’s one of the better ones to have. Actually, now that I think of it, I also have an addition to caffeine, frozen yogurt and candy.
8) I want to swim the English Channel some day but I’m terrified of being cold. I hope this doesn’t stop me.
9) I was very serious about all of the following activities at some point in my life: ballet, soccer and swimming.
10) I’ll try any food once. The only food I truly hate is yellow cheese.
11) I love dancing and singing karaoke. I am truly awful at both of these things.
12) I am left-handed but sometimes I kick and throw better with my right. It’s very confusing and the reason I’ve never been very good at sports that involve a ball.
13) I hate fake things: fake people, fake friendships and fake designer labels. What’s the point?
14) I wear my heart on my sleeve. This has been both good and bad at times.
15) I love wine, it’s my drink of choice. Red, white, pink…it doesn’t matter. I like it all.
16) Teeth: I only have four lower incisors. If you are wondering, most people have five.
17) I don’t have any regrets. I’ve made a lot of choice in life. Some good, some bad but they’ve all made me who I am.
18) I finished my first Ironman in 2008 and it won’t be my last. It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life.
19) My husband is a great cook, organizer, cleaner and planner…I am none of these.
20) I have a hole in my heart and high blood pressure. I take medicine every day.
21) The most scared I’ve ever been is when the doctor told my family my sister didn’t have much time to live and we should prepare. Fortunately, she’s survived the odds.
22) I missed Olympic trials in the 200 breaststroke in 1999 by no more than a fingernail (2/10 of a second). To this day I still remember that moment. It took me a long time to get over that lost dream.
23) At one point in my life I could chug a beer in about 5 seconds
24) My family is amazing. We’ve been through some serious stuff and it’s only made us closer. My in-laws are equally amazing. My sister-in-laws are on that list of close friends…all three of them.
25) I’m married to an incredible man. He knows how to have a good time (from his college days in New Orleans), he has fought for our freedom (as a navy pilot) and he's smart (just finished law school—while working— and is number one in his class.)