Sunday, October 26, 2008

October in San Diego

Sidenote to post: Yesterday, as I rode up the coast, I looked around at all that surrounded me and couldn't help but smile! The weather was amazing--in the high 70s--the sky was bright blue, the beaches were crowded and the water an incredible shade of blue. I'm so fortunate to live in such an awesome city!
Anyway, this was my last weekend of the very long Sat. ride and very long Sun. run until IM AZ. The next few weeks still include lots of training time, but a lot more brick workouts (for those non-tri readers this means swim then bike or bike then run). I guess this means I'm getting close (27 days close) YIKES!
Today was great. I woke up and did the Del Mar swim, which I haven't been to in awhile. It was so nice to get out in the ocean and just swim for an hour. With all the Ironman training, I've let my swimming slip a bit since I needed to focus more on the other two sports. Today I was reminded of how much I love to swim. It's so relaxing. I did realize that I need a better wetsuit before IM AZ. My current one is old, not very comfortable and gives my gnarly burns on my neck.
I followed the swim with a run and then spent the afternoon on the phone catching up with some friends. I normally hate talking on the phone but it was so nice to catch up with some of my girlfriends and talk about something other than triathlon for a bit :). Off to eat some fro yo and watch my shows that I missed this week!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beat Up

Yep, that's me! Offically BEAT UP. This weekend the 100 mile ride felt like 200 and my 18 mile run...well, let's just say my mental toughness was put to the test. Crazy how much better I felt after nearly the same exact schedule last weekend.

P.S. I'm stopping here for tonight--my blog is totally boring and lacking any substance tonight (my personality is trending in the same direction). I NEED SLEEP...BIG TIME!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last weekend was CRAZY...and FUN! Crazy because I swam, biked and ran more miles than ever before, and fun because I have the best training partners EVER!

Friday, swam 5,000 yards...haven't done that in one practice since the college days!

Saturday, I biked 100 miles...wind, hills and all. Great for the training progress...hard on the body! The best part was that I was able to hang out with Tina and Elaine all day. We had a great time!

Sunday, I ran 17 miles with Beth--wait, let me back up....I ran about 13 with Beth until I forced her to leave me...yes, my slow ass just couldn't hang with the superstar for the last few miles! We had a blast though...the best part of all this training is the great training buddies!

So I've gathered some of my favorite recent quotes from family and friends (that don't do triathlons) regarding Ironman and Ironman training...the remarks have been priceless and I had to write them down...

My husband "This is it, right? You go after this one and the Ironman bug is out????"

My best friend from high school Laura "What do you think about when you are out on a bike for that long? Don't you get bored? Oh my gosh, that's so fun. I'll start thinking of things for you to think about!"

My co-worker Bryan "I just thought about it and I don't think I drive as far as you run on any given weekend."

My co-worker Nicole "I love that you eat more than Tara" (FYI, Tara is 8 months pregnant)

My Mom "We're getting so excited for your marathon thing"

My Brother "Do you ever think that something might be messed up in your head?"

My best friend from college Ann "Seriously, when can we forget Ironman and do some Irish Car Bombs again!"

Gotta love them all! They are my bigget supporters and deep down they all just think I am crazy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reliving The College Days

Or TRYING to relive the good old days is more like it!

I had my college alumni swim meet this weekend (and numerous activities surrounding it). About 20 alumni came back for the weekend. Seeing the girls brought back so many fun memories. The actual swim meet part of the weekend was a riot. Let's just say competitiveness is an innate biological trait and surprisingly, this allowed us to fare well next to the current team. The most impressive moment of the alumni relay team beat the current team. Okay, so we only had to do a 50 each (it was the 200 medley) and I'm pretty sure we had some false starts and we seriously looked like death upon finishing, but heck, a win is a win, right? WRONG... I must admit that my win was overshadowed by an incredible groin strain. However, I have no one to blame but myself. When you haven't full-on SPRINTED breaststroke in six years (even if it's just a 50) pain is inevitable. I'm still having trouble walking and it's Tuesday.

So besides the fact that I can't swim like I used to, the "old girls" and I picked up a few other harsh realities this weekend:
  • Now that we've graduated the team is in a better conference (WAC) and has better team sponsors which equals better suits and better gear.
  • You only get that college swim body for four years of your life. Once it's's gone and you'll start to develop "desk butt" and "back fat". Wish I would have appreciated it more :)
  • Swimming (especially swimming fast) is MUCH harder than it used to be.
  • Finally (not swimming related), you'll never have the party skills or alcohol tolerance you had in college--yes, my recovery weekend was in full effect...last one I get until I taper for AZ.

Off to bed, I'm back in crazy training mode (and already missing my short recovery weekend).

P.S. I realize this blog would be WAY better with photos but unfortunately my camera has disappeared from my life! Time for a new one I guess. Pat are you reading this, hint, hint....