Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two Months To Go...

Yes, I deleted a few blog entries...(non-tri related) as I got a little nervous on the content and who may be reading. Anyway, on to a recent update...
Yikes! Two months until race day! This weekend was Crazy training (138 miles worth) I think my brain and body are still recovering.

I rode 100 miles on Saturday--up and down the strand in Coronado to help raise money for my friend Don's IM AZ cause (cardiovascular foundation). With the exception of a few laps where I chatted it up, a huge portion was spent riding alone and let's just say I was VERY bored with myself (I need to plan some things to think about at IM AZ). I followed the ride with a 40 minute fast run.

Sunday, I met one of my good friends who is learning to ride for the Tri Club beginner ride. We did an easy 18 miles and then I was off the bike (THANK GOD) and onto my long run...

Anyway....very strange things have been going on since my intense weekend ended.... I've fallen asleep sitting up reading a magazine, had multiple laughing attacks for no real reason (better than tears though), and have experienced some very new and random food addictions: an intense cravings for burgers and red meat and 7-11 Crystal Light slurpees (I've had four of these since Saturday).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to Tri...

My last few blogs have been a bit non-triathlon related so I decided it was time for a training update!

Training is going well...a bit scary to think I'm only two months away now. I'm following a plan (provided by Coach Robert) . This calls for increasing my weekday training hours a.ka. waking up at 4:30 am. I'm also putting in some solid and VERY LONG weekend rides/runs.

The best parts: I'm having a blast! I'm meeting great new friends, gaining strength, and I'm finally able to hold 8 minute miles for up to 14 miles. Well, ok, the last few miles on my long runs have been more like 8:30, but that's still a huge improvement for me since I'm horrible at running (my feet turn out, my stride is out of control and it's truly mentally painful for me).

The worst parts: I am ALWAYS hungry and nothing fills me up. Seriously, I'm eating more than the pregnant girl in my office. My sweating has gotten out of control when I'm working out (I read that this is normal but seriously...gross).

Finally, I could not decide if this was good or bad, but my life officially revolves around my training. I guess it's a mix--good for preparation, but for my social life and friendships.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 years later....

Never Forget...those words were so prevalent seven years ago. We lost so much. I'll never forget where I was or the feelings I experienced on that day. However, my experience watching the towers fall on TV while interning at a radio station in San Diego was nothing compared to the experience of September 11 for others. Today, my blog has nothing to do with triathlon...it's just remembering a date in history that changed life as we know it.

Today, I pray for and remember all those that are no longer with us...heroes. I also thank those that are fighting for our freedom and protection.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Committed to Ironman

"There are only two options regarding commitment, You're either in or your out. There's no such thing as life in between." Anonymous

Obviously, I'm in....however, part of the reason for starting this blog was to keep everyone updated on my "road to Arizona". That said, the road is a bit bumpy right now. I hate complaining, whining, etc., so I'll spare the majority of the details. I'll just say that I think the hours of training I'm putting my body through, outside work and other stresses and lack of sleep have left me feeling very BLAH (for lack of a better word)--I'm sore, I'm tired and worst of all, I'm moody (poor Pat)

I knew signing up for this that the training was going to be a major part of the journey. That there would be great times, as well as tough times...

Right now, the times are tough....but as my mom always reminded me "when the going tough, the tough get going"