Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Exploring New Land

So my runs have been getting a bit boring. I know having a running partner can help this, but often I prefer to run alone. I like to keep my own pace, listen to music, relax and think about whatever goes through my mind. That said, I've been in need of a scenery change. Lately, I've been running around my neighborhood (nothing too exciting except some interesting characters) or running around my work (same situation). I LOVE running by the water but sometimes with traffic, etc. it's a challenge after work. So, today I decided to try Mission Trails Regional Park.
It's only a 10 minute drive from my work. I LOVED IT! 5,800 acres of hills, valleys and open areas. It's beautiful and very relaxing...a terrific escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With the exception of a few hikers, the place was pretty desolate.It was also the perfect place for my very slow run....my legs are still shot from my 70-mile bike ride Sat. and 14 mile run Sunday.

Speaking of the weekend, it was basically the exact opposite of last weekend. I rode with two Girls (Tina and Jess). We rode up the coast. Definitely pushed it, but it was nice to get in some girl talk and not get dropped :) I love mixing it up with different friends and rides on the weekends...always an adventure.

On Saturday late afternoon, Pat and I went to a pool party at one of my triathlon friend's house. Yes, I finally convinced him to come meet my "tri-geek" friends....best part: he actually had a good time. As we left he said, "That was fun, they're are nice group" Did he actually think I would surround myself with people that weren't fun or nice???? My tri friends are the best, glad he finally got to meet some of the crew!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Boys Drop Mary

Well, my headline says it all. This weekend I got dropped. Big time. My self-esteem is still recovering.... Looking back, it's my own fault. I knew it would happen riding with Trevor (a.k.a. endless ball of energy, who SLOWLY walked the last 13 miles at IM Placid due to a knee injury and still finished in 14 hours) and Lorenzo (a.k.a speedy lorenzo--I just gave him that name because he's just plain fast).

So, I guess I can't feel too bad about myself. At least they didn't "lose" me completely - they were always in eyesight (except when we went down a 9-grade hill and I literally thought I would die as my back tire wobbled and my breaks didn't seem to work. I white-knuckled it down at about 2mph (note: I really need to work on my fear of downhills.).

Anyway, 70 miles later of totally pounding it and dripping sweat, I made it back to the car....
proud of myself for just surviving.

I got home, took a quick nap (and I never nap), woke up, took a shot of espresso, and got dressed for my "girls night out" = great food and wine with some girlfriends.

Sunday I managed to crawl out of bed for my long run (these are the mornings I am jealous of my non-tri friends). I then spent most of the afternoon catching up on work (it's way too busy for my liking right now).

Anyway, now it's Monday evening and I think a mix of a tough day at work (is this a trend) and the tough training weekend have left me feeling sorry for myself and wishing I could take a vacation from my crazy life right now. I'm so jealous of Pat who is visiting friends on the east coast before he starts his final semester of school (I wanted to go with him so bad...dang work commitments ).

So, I am sitting here watching all the Olympic swim races I have on TIVO and missing my college swim days. The large frozen yogurt that I'm consuming is helping my mood though (If Pat was here I would get the THAT'S NOT DINNER comment...ha, ha...he's not).

That's all folks...nothing else to say!

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's A Great Day To Be Alive....

Ummm, so yes, the title of my blog is a country song, but it's one of my favorites and I had to use it, since seriously....it's a great day (note my happy dance on the right..okay, yes, I am a dork).
WHY? Well, for a few reasons...

1. Pat got a job offer with the law firm he's been "summering" for. He's so thrilled and it's a huge weight off his shoulders. I'm so proud of the guy. He also got his class rankings back and is #1 in his law school class (again). Keep in mind that he was working full-time for the Navy and going to school at night--impressive--let's just hope our kids get his genes. One more semester left for him...piece of cake :)

2. Joe, my youngest brother, will officially be a marine officer after tomorrow. What a tough road he's been on. After finishing film school at Chapman, he decided to join the Marines (much to my mother's displeasure...she's turning around though). His first run at the 10-week intensive OCS school didn't go as planned. He was sent home mid-way--minor setback--but he didn't give up. They offered him the opportunity to come back and give it another shot (they rarely do this) and he did (after killing himself running, studying, etc. for a few months). Well, without getting into too much detail, tomorrow he will lead his platoon at graduation. Not only did he succeed but he's finishing with a bang...now that's dedication.

3. Nick, my other brother, just found out he passed his EMT class and is officially on his way to becoming a fireman...he's going to be a rock star at that job.

I can't tell you how excited I am to see all my favorite boys succeed in life. All three of them have been through a tough few years for various reasons and it's finally all working out for them...couldn't be happier.

My weekend is looking full of good food, lots of wine and great friends....oh, and yes, some serious training...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Am I crazy...

So I met my friend Jamie at the cove today after work for a swim. As we approached the sand I noticed the yellow caution sign "bacteria levels exceed state standards" So what did I do? I got in and swam...okay thinking back...gross...but I had an awful day at work (see note) and swimming is my release. It always makes me feel better no matter what's going on in life. Note: i realize the economy isn't great and people are sensitive, but do they need to take out their anger on their PR person...REALLY? All we're tring to do is help here...

The swim was great, warm ocean water (no wetsuit for me today), sun reflecting off the water, great visibility (all the fishes were out :). That said, I swam in an area with high bacteria...is this Ironman training causing me to lose my mind?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Time Management

I've always considered myself pretty decent at time management. It's something I was constantly challenged with in college with school, swimming and the social life :) It's a skill that has helped me juggle work, volunteer commitments, training, taking classes and still having time for fun! That said, Ironman training is really testing me...and I'm learning there is a difference between time management and over committed, and it seems my life is trending towards the latter at the moment. So an upcoming goal of mine is to figure out where I can cut back because I'm not sure 16 more weeks of life as below is going to work. We'll start with Wednesday...

Wednesday - up at 4:45am, in the water at 5:30 for some extra yardage before my class gets started. Teach the master's class at 6:00 (in the pool with them lately because I need the extra yards). At work by 8:00, leave work at 5:30pm with still way too much to do but have to get in a 45 minute run before my board meeting at 7 (this was interesting I showered in 5 minutes, got dressed and made it across town to the meeting wet hair and all by 7 on the dot). Home at 8:45pm - finish writing a news release for work that's due first thing in the morning. In bed by 11....

Thursday - up at 5:00, spin and weights before work. Work at 8:00 (work is CRAZY right now, boss is out of town=more on my plate). Rush out of work at 5 and head downtown for the YPC's annual Wine and Chocolate fundraiser (I'm the PR/Marketing Chair). After getting to hand out with some friends I haven't seen in awhile and of course, great wine and chocolate (not sure if this is all still allowed in the typical Ironman regiment but in my training plan it is--at least for now :). Home and in bed by 11...

Friday - up at 6:30 (slept in a bit..yikes, did I really just say that? 45 minute run before work. After work head to the cove and do a 2ish mile swim. Pat and I went to our local hotspot for a great dinner and in bed early by 10.

Saturday - up at 6 met some friends for a four-hour ride from Solana Beach--the ride was a blast. It's so beautiful here in San Diego this time of year, well always, but especially now. After the ride, showered at the beach (don't ask) and changed in the car and drove to my friend Diana's wedding shower. Ate a quick lunch, stayed for about an hour and had to rush out to head back down to Del Mar to meet Pat...his law firm was having Day at the Races....

Sunday - up at 7:30 - met some IM AZ friends for a 9 mile run (turned into a 12.5 mile run). Now I am home and blogging instead of doing some work that needs to get done. I am also EXHAUSTED....and supposed to meet some friends for dinner later.

Just writing this all down (sorry to bore you all) has reiterated that I need to slowdown at bit...

I'll keep ya'll updated on how that works out... :)