Friday, July 25, 2008


I've taken the plunge...entered the blog world...I guess it's about time (given that I work in marketing and am surrounded by a world of bloggers :)

Anyway...the real reason for starting this was because of a few requests from friends and my family (family photo above) that for whatever crazy reason are interested in following my progress as I train for Ironman Arizona in November. Something tells me that as I approach the next few months--full of training, working, spending time with Pat and some socializing in an effort to not lose all my non-tri friends (they keep me sane)--that it just might be easier to direct people here rather than continuing the "Crazy Mary email updates" as my college friends (especially those that live away) have coined them. Note: for those that are confused...these are short and they ramble..not really making sense but all end with xoxo - have to run, but let's chat soon.

That said, I guess my first official blog entry should begin with my reason for deciding to do Ironman Arizona - I'll fill in my triathlon history/blanks later on...

Anyhow...below is as serious and real as it gets....promise to lighten up this blog moving forward...:)

On November 23, 2008 I will take on Ironman Arizona. Swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 and then running 26.2 miles is nothing compared to the challenges those battling any type of vasculitis must endure. My little sister Alison was diagnosed with Wegener’s granulomatosis (see for more info) in December 1997. We were told the outlook was grim. However, due to a relatively early diagnosis and the funding our family was provided, Ally was able to receive leading-edge treatment at the NIH. Today, Ally is in remission and is about to enter her final year of college. Others are not always as fortunate… I’ve never attempted an athletic endeavor of this magnitude before, but I am ready to see what I’m capable of. I enter this journey with the knowledge that it will not be easy; there will be pain and there will be struggle, but the challenge of an Ironman pales in comparison to the suffering those with vasculitis must endure—this I know for sure. When the pain is getting the best of me and I just want to quit, I’ll remember that I am racing ONE DAY for all those just like Ally with vasculitis disorders that are racing for LIFE. I look forward to racing in November in support of the foundation and ultimately finding a cure. To get what we've never had, we must do what we've never done! People with vasculitis don’t get to stop fighting so I won’t stop either …Ironman Arizona…here I come.